Hoop your way to happiness!

It may sound silly. Even impossible. But hooping really does create instant happiness. Hooping simply can't help it. Boys, girls, men, women. It brings out the smile in all. You just can't take anything too seriously when you have a big hoop swirling around your waist, your arms, even your legs!

Now we're not saying that we shouldn't take things seriously. But it's important, as an individual and group, to let go, and bring in some lightness and fun.

And hooping is certainly the answer to that!

Our meditation hoops are large, very slightly weighted, and practically move themselves.

Hoop Meditation is perhaps one of THE quickest ways to let the mind roll out of the past and into the present. Once you begin to feel that swirl moving it's way through your body, the mind sweetly surrenders itself to rotational bliss.

And yes, you can even wear your suit and tie to hoop class, if you'd like.

So, why exactly is hooping so good for you?

Activates the Dai Mai Belt

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Dai Mai is a horizontal belt that runs around your waist, precisely where the hoop connects. When we hoop, we activate the meridians running north and south of the Dai Mai, increasing our flow of Chi (or Qi or Ki) through the body. This turns up our life force, boosting our immune system, and getting everything flowing throughout our bodies.

Connects us to our Sacral Chakra

Accoding to ancient Indian medicine, our Sacral Chakra is situated just below the navel. The Sacral Chakra is THE most powerful centre of the body. It is the energy centre that governs our creativity, personal relationships, and our passion for being alive. Working with the powerful energy of our sacral chakra helps us to overcome addictions, and practice greater self control.

Strengthens the Core

The stronger our core, the stronger our balance and co-ordination. All movement stems from our core. And a strong core is also a confidence booster. When we feel our strength coming from our cores, we activate our personal will and power.


And we all know that laughing is good for your health. Hoop meditation starts with lots of laughs as people become comfortable with the hoop. Also – it activates your adrenals, producing cortisol and generating an overall sense of well being.