Our Movement/Acro program at Radiant Wave is filled with opportunities to release tension through working with the body.

Movement is different to dance, yet it can include dance. We view movement as a place to explore the way our body moves whilst letting go of the mind. Often the mind wishes to control the way we move, even when we crank up the music and dance! And yet, with a few simple instructions, we can be led away from these repetitive, habitual movements, and begin to the explore the full scope of what our bodies have to offer.

Acrobalance is a wonderful new addition to what we offer. Through careful guidance, participants are safely led to working together to build simple poses and positions. Acro creates space for possibility, trust, flexibility, grace, and group harmony. It is a fantastic way to build team in any organization.

Please let us know in advance the needs of the group, so that we may design the perfect workshop for your group.

Our Movement workshops are for all ages, whilst our Movement/Acro combination is for teens to adult.

The benefits of physical movement are well known to improve overall health on all levels.

The benefits of movement with Radiant Wave is the AWARENESS that is delivered to both body and mind. Through our movement programs, participants gain an extensive understanding of their holding patterns. We can only let go once we recognize where those tight spots are!

We don't need to go to yoga class to release, although there are many, many benefits to attending a yoga class.

Body awareness is key in understanding ourselves. Have you ever been sitting at a desk, when you realize your shoulders are all bunched up? Have you caught yourself standing in ways that are sluggish? When our mind directs awareness to our bodies, we learn a lot about ourselves. And we also understand that it is really quite easy to shift, just a little, to make massive changes in how we move and how we feel.

Acrobalance has been added to our program as a way to connect more fully with each other. It is about taking our incredible bodies, and working together to build and re-create. The benefits of Acrobalance is that we learn to trust ourselves more within the group, and release our "expectations" of self. This release creates an amazing balance within the group, where everyone is recognized and appreciated for the strengths they have to offer the whole.