Breathe. It's the first thing we do when we enter the world. A big deep breath.

We often take breathing for granted. However - we can change all that through mindful breath work.

Having a daily practice that incorporates 5 – 10 minutes of mindful breathing can reduce stress by at least 50%. Can you believe it??

All you need to learn to do is breathe with awareness. It is the easiest way to a mindful day.

Radiant Wave Breath Work is accessible and gives participants just enough choice to keep it interesting and achievable.

The breath is our anchor, our island, our home.

Check out the benefits. You'll be amazed.

There are so very many benefits to mindful breathing.

Here are the top 7:

Out of stillness, new ideas emerge. The mind expands, as does awareness. Our creativeness is now within our reach.

By noticing our mind has wandered, we are able to shepherd it back to the present moment.

When we breathe and pay attention, we understand the mechanisms of the grasping mind. Through this understanding, we are able to tame that yearning, and become more patient with ourselves and others.

Calm and Clear
When we pay attention to the breath, we become more clear minded. This clarity leads to calm. The mind slows down, the heart slows down, the clouds part and the sun comes out to play. From this place, profound clarity arrives at our doorstep.

Breathwork keeps impulsiveness at bay, and gives us an opportunity to think things through with more clarity. Intention comes through careful attention to the mind.

Relieves Emotional Tension
Difficult feelings and tensions shift. This empowers the mind with an understanding that change is within reach.

Elevates Mood
We feel better when we practices mindful breathing. It releases endorphins, creating elevated feelings of wellbeing.