Creative Journeying is one of the most powerful tools we have to unlocking the mind and experiencing infinite ways to problem solve. This leads to a more peaceful outlook and increases our ability to function as individuals and within the group.

A combination of storytelling and mind mapping. Creative Journeys workshops engage participants so they are enabled to empower themselves through creative flight.

We often see our minds as traps. But what if we could see the mind as that one place we could actually free ourselves from repetitive thought patterns? What if you could empower yourself, enhance your creativity, and truly learn to fly??

Close your eyes and get ready as Radiant Wave takes you to some amazing places. And you don't even have to get on an airplane!

The single greatest benefit of the Creative Journey workshop is enhancing your imagination.

When we enhance our imagination, here's what happens:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Increased ability to set goals AND stick with them
  • Believing in oneself and others
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Enhanced creativity
  • A greater sense of happiness and wellbeing