Can you imagine drawing and illustrating your thoughts, as they voyage through the mind?

Our brains are like maps. Each thought travels here, there and everywhere. Too often everywhere. Wouldn't you like to opportunity to map out your thoughts? To further understand how one simple idea leads to all kinds of other ideas, opinions, judgements? Sound interesting? Maybe even a bit scary?

Mind Maps is a wonderful way to become more mind aware. Through mind awareness, mindfulness is born.

We help participants to draw and illustrate maps, leaving you with lasting tool of self awareness (and some very creative drawings!)

Just another Radiant Wave Way to magnificent wellbeing.

You are the sailor, your mind is the boat, the ocean, and new lands ahead.

Lift the anchor, and set sail for the vast open sea.

Radiant Wave Mind Mapping Workshops allow you to experience your mind as a place of infinite riches.

Often we are frustrated by our scattered thinking. We believe that if we could just be calm and clear minded, happiness would arrive. Our world would feel better, inside and out.

But wait! When we can see our minds as perfect, just the way they are, we then allow the treasures to be discovered.

Mind Mapping Workshops give you the opportunity to make these discoveries. The boxes of vast treasures are always within our reach. We'll show you the way.