Spinning, Felting and Weaving are a part of the Radiant Wave Mindfulness Model. Each activity is immersive, somewhat repetitive, creative, and relaxing. Especially once you get the hang of it!!

These workshops are geared towards students 12yrs and above, organizations and individuals.

We use wooden spindles for spinning, and Ashford craft looms for the weaving. Each of these items may also be purchased if you would like to use them for ongoing projects.

There are two styles of weaving projects available:

  • Random (free style) or simple back and forth rows. The simpler weaving is more relaxing, the random weaving more creative.
  • Random weaving also invites in the felting process, as we create felted balls, flowers, and other objects to accompany the weaving.

Spinning is a wonderful full group mindfulness activity that can accompany a weaving workshop, or any other workshop "Blend".

Felting may also be done on its own, or as mentioned, to accompany the random weaving workshop.

Be sure to visit our section on the Benefits of Spinning, Felting, and Weaving!

Spin, Felt, Weave has power packed benefits of relaxation and joy for the individual and group!

Radiant Wave founder Katherine McLeod has a first hand understanding of the benefits of spinning, felting, and weaving.

She spent many years working hard to juggle family, work, and running an international business that all required a lot of travel and flexibility.

Five years ago she made it her mission to learn to sit and spin wool. A lifelong dream, she was delighted with the benefits. It was at once calming and centering.

The spinning grew into an interest in felting, followed by weaving.

Katherine has worked ceaselessly over these past few years to create workshops that share the benefits she has received from these three activities. These benefits include:

  • reduced stress
  • increased calm in both body and mind
  • pleasure derived from making
  • elevating the mind through colour play
  • increased sense awareness through textures
  • easy access to thoughts and places the mind is holding
  • enhanced creativity in all areas of life