Storytelling gives participants an opportunity to lose themselves in the spoken word. The inner world is activated, and everything becomes possible.

Awareness and Presence – the two main features of mindfulness – are easily achieved through listening to a story. But one must truly release the mind chatter to listen.

Children are some of the best story listeners around. So pure is their willingness to listen and learn.

Adults on the other hand can sometimes struggle to listen, as the rational mind meets the sense world. Which part of your self will win??

It's not so much that you have to BE A GOOD STORYLISTENER. What becomes apparent when listening to a story is how much our mind tries to pull us away.

So why not give aural storytelling a try. You may be surprised what you discover...

Also, Radiant Wave stories have an added bonus. They are all interactive!

Interactive storytelling is a wonderful way to involve the audience with the story – making it even more engaging and easier to follow and listen.

The interactive story has a wonderful way of gently appealing for both awareness and presence.

Stories are a springboard. Where each one lands depends on the riches of imagination within the individual and group.

  • Encourages listening. When we truly listen, we can truly empathize.
  • Encourages awareness of self and others.
  • It is one of the few activities that we need to be fully aware and present in order to follow and engage with the story.
  • Our imaginations are thoroughly opened through the dynamic listening of the group. In other words – the benefits of story are enhanced through live performance with an audience.
  • Creates cultural and historical awareness. Stories often wind in cultural and historical significance that creates wonderful opportunities for learning about the world we live in.
  • The interactiveness of Radiant Wave Storytelling presents incredible opportunity for community, fun, and a heightened receptiveness of self and others.