At Radiant Wave, we seek to make mindfulness training engaging, unique, and long lasting – giving participants tools that they can use well beyond the workshops. Mix and match the workshops of your choice!

Mindfulness seeks to create awareness that in turn welcomes presence to each moment.

Many of us hear the term mindfulness being bantered around these days, but struggle to understand what it actually is. Radiant Wave's definition is simple and achievable.

Creating mindful practices can help slow us down and bring us to that state of knowing and understanding within ourselves and those around us. Something that is becoming essential in this fast paced world.

Here are some mindfulness opportunities that many of you already engage in each day:

  • cooking
  • walking
  • eating
  • gardening
  • breathing

But just because we DO these things, does that make us mindful?
Of course not. To become mindful, remember, we need to be aware.

So ADD awareness and presence to cooking, then you can become a mindful cook. ADD awareness and presence to eating, and you can certainly be a mindful eater. And so on.

Mindfulness SOUNDS easy, but it's actually one of the most difficult things we can achieve.

Read on to learn more about the opportunities that await!