The Radiant Wave of Wellbeing is accessible to each one of us. It just takes time, practice, patience, and a bit of guidance along the way.

Radiant Wave offers private sessions for children 10-12yrs, teens and adults. This can be done in person or via online platforms.

Our private sessions (in person) currently run primarily out of Singapore, although there is also some availability in Australia and Canada.

Online sessions can be done from anywhere! We use Zoom or Skype.

We ask that participants register for a minimum of three sessions to gain the benefits of this work.

We use meditations, rhythm, voice, storytelling, mind mapping, and creative journeys to help individuals deepen their sense of relaxation and wellbeing.


The Radiant Wave model has had a great deal of success working with students who:

  • have difficulty concentrating in and out of the class
  • are struggling with emotional and social issues
  • have anxiety (academic, social, personal)

Please contact us to discuss whether or not what we offer matches the needs of your child/teen.


Radiant Wave private sessions offer adults a sanctuary from the outside world. Here you may enjoy:

  • learning new meditation techniques
  • creative journeying to enhance the imagination
  • drumming and singing for release and playfulness
  • opening your voice to improve public speaking

Contact us now to book in for your first three sessions!