Alberto Martinez

Originally from Spain, Alberto is now based in Brussels when he is not travelling the world for work. He began his studies in fine arts, completing his degree and then discovering a passion for performance. He then studied and completed his degree in classical and contemporary theatre in Belgium at the Conservatory for Dramatic Art in Liege, Belgium.

Alberto's ability to learn new skills has always been unstoppable. He continuously seeks new ways of immersing himself into creative projects.

His work is, in essence, is one dynamic meditation after another. This lifestyle of exploring his passions gives him a deep sense of happiness that is infectious when you meet him.

Radiant Wave Wellbeing adopts Alberto's skills and strengths as a performance artist so that participants may move from one activity to another with great ease. His relaxed and caring approach to facilitating brings the group energy together, every time.

Shouniez van der Schyff

From a young age Shouniez has always been drawn to movement. She danced her way through childhood, straight into her teens as a champion Hip Hop Dancer in South Africa.

After getting down to serious business - completing her degree and working in the field of graphic art, Shouniez was once again on the move. This time, she got into the "flow" as an actual flow artist. She uses hoops, poi, and clubs to continuously engage her mind and body with progressive meditation.

Shouniez has also worked at sharing her flow skills with others for the past 6 years. She is always excited to bring participants into that space of awareness and bliss, elevating them into a deepened sense of trust, wonder, and delight.

Shaheen van der Schyff

Shaheen began his career as a fitness trainer – knowing that within the body there was infinite potential for self development.

His career as a flow artist was a natural progression from the fitness regime into something that offered moment by moment awareness and self care.

He has spent the past 7 years following his bliss and developing his work as a performance artist and flow facilitator. His areas of specialty are hoops, poi, juggling, and circus staff.

Shaheen brings a lot of skill to Radiant Wave Workshops and is very keen to ensure participants are able to engage in the dynamic meditations and mindfulness training through steady encouragement and fun.